First of all there is no Captain on SundayMorning, only crew. Together we sail and together we make a Captain. We operate on the belief that we each have our strengths and weaknesses and defer to that. Otherwise it’s a “holding on to you holding on to me” theory. Over the years, we chartered all types of sailboats in the Caribbean and have taken many advanced sailing and navigation courses. We then began our search for our own sailboat and bought a 1989 Pearson 27 which we still have and keep at our lake house on Lake Lanier. She is a tank of a boat but provided us the ability to advance our skills in a convenient location. We were committed to one day doing long term cruising to wonderful places around the world and last year purchased SundayMorning, a 45 foot Bavaria Cruiser who we docked in Beaufort, South Carolina. We gradually did short trips and overnight sails up and down the Atlantic coast to gain experience and comfort aboard and prepare for a 1300 mile offshore sail to get her to the BVI’s. We take our safety and sailing seriously and before embarking on our first long offshore trip we took a 3 day heavy weather/offshore sailing course in Annapolis, MD to prepare and had a seasoned sailor from Tortola join us for the voyage. We continue to gain practical experience each and everyday on SundayMorning.

Co-Captain Matt image005
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area watching sailboats in all their glory, shooting their colorful spinnakers in the misty bay, sailing back and forth under the Golden Gate Bridge. I never did set foot aboard one but never forgot those visions. 40 years later I met Donna who introduced or better put, gently coerced me into sailing early on in our relationship as a condition of continued dating. My first sail was a day sail out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida on a 60 foot sloop in blustery conditions with 6 foot waves. I soon found myself the co-owner of a 27 foot Pearson and was sailing on Lake Lanier on a regular basis. There was no more coercion, I was hooked and the rest is history told. I have 2 adult children, Keegan and Megan who live in Colorado. I have been in the commercial real estate development business my entire life and a devoted professional soccer fan. I am currently on a “pause” from real life (thank you IDI).

imageCo-Captain Donna
I grew up New York and spent the better part of life in Atlanta, Ga. I am a registered nurse by profession, have owned several small medical businesses and have an adult son Kyle. My sailing adventures began 20 years ago at Lake Lanier as pickup crew or better known as “rail meat” for a racing club.  My job was to hang off the side of the boat to add weight for better healing and to quickly duck under the boom when tacking.  On Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring I would show up and hope to get a spot on a racing team. After many seasons of being yelled at (always by men!) and dumped in the brisk water due to spinnaker shooting errors, it was time to take some real sailing courses. My first course was in the Florida Keys with WomenShip where their motto was “Nobody Yells”. There was also no men allowed on board. I had never been on a large cruising sailboat in the ocean but always loved the water and am by nature drawn to quiet and peaceful environments. After 7 days on board I was in heaven and hooked on ocean sailing. I also befriended an instructor and occasionally moved boats for WomenShip from Florida to the northeast and back. I too am on a “pause” from real life.